Virginia Attractions

From outdoors activities and zoos, to museums and thrill rides, here are the top Virginia attractions.
Visit the metropolis of Richmond, one of the great cities of our day. Thousands of attractions are embedded into the history and culture of this thriving town. Spend the day at one of many museums, which range from world-class art collections to exhibits chronicling the rich historical past of Virginia. Afterwards, check out this city's warm culture, which ranges from great restaurants to exciting nightlife.
Arlington National Cemetery
1 Memorial Dr.
Arlington, VA 22211
pay your respects to some of our greatest heroes. Arlington National Cemetery is the nation's premier military cemetery, and some of the most famous figures in our nation's history have been laid to rest in this green expanse. Also a popular sight at the cemetery is the immortal Iwo Jima statue, which memorializes the legacy of the marines.
The Chrysler Museum of Art
245 W. Olney Road
Norfolk, VA 23510
Are you a fan of art? Well, there's no shortage of that at the Chrysler Museum, located in beautiful Norfolk, Virginia. In fact, the collection housed within the walls of this architecturally impressive institution has been called "one any museum in the world would kill for" by The New York Times.
Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel
Witness the amazing engineering behind one of the world's most impressive structural marvels. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel spans an impressive 17.6 miles across the Chesapeake Bay. This Virginia spectacle is crowned as both a travel convenience and a spectacular tourist attraction, so if you're traveling by car we reckon you'll want to take advantage of both.
Cape Henry Lighthouse
583 Atlantic Avenue
Fort Story, VA 23459
The 2nd Cape Henry Lighthouse was built in the year of 1881, just hundreds of feet away from the old tower. The lighthouse towers at 165 feet and was installed with a First-Order lens to ensure the safety of the many sailing vessels which make their way down the watery passages of this popular coastline.
Capitol Square
Main Street
Richmond, VA
"Give me liberty, or give me death!" Such were the famous words uttered by Patrick Henry, a patriot whose call to arms would go down as one of the most famous quotes of our country's rich history. Experience the location where these famous words were delivered, and you'll gain an invaluable insight into the inception of our nation.
Market Square
Williamsburg, VA
Enjoy Market Square of Williamsburg, Virginia, conveniently located at the halfway point between the College of William & Mary and the Capitol. This area is where the town of Williamsburg hosts the majority of its fairs and markets, which range from Renaissance festivals where role-playing reaches its pinnacle, to wholesome farmer's markets where you can expect herbs at the height of their freshness.
Peyton Randolph House
Williamsburg, VA
Some of the most historically rich homes in the entire country of America find their residence in the state of Virginia, which enjoyed a healthy status as one of the primary American colonies. One of these homes is the Peyton Randolph House, which contains the original wood paneling and furniture of a house built in historic Williamsburg in the year of 1770.
Canal Walk
14th and Dock Streets
Richmond, VA 23219
Want to experience the real beauty of Richmond? Head down to the Canal Walk, which is what many people think of when Richmond comes to mind. Doubling as both a family-friendly location and a romantic getaway, guests are presented the opportunity to ride an intimate ferry the length of the canal, a la Venice, Italy.
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